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(according to the writings of prophets –
Jakob Lorber {1840-1864} and Bertha Dudde - in the 20th century)


Translated from a German pamphlet,
written by Hans Seidel.
Bergstrasse 20,
1000 Berlin 20.

Published by Friends of the New Revelation

July 2000

The key for the solution of all life’s problems and mysteries is the Great Fall of the Spirits from Heaven before unimaginable times.

This great fall of the spirits is of such decisive meaning that it upturns all our concepts and lifts all things out of the hinges, for
without this ancient spiritual occurrence, there would be no material creation which only became necessary as a result of this event.

No one can give a truthful explanation about the meaning and purpose of existence to whom the knowledge about this historical event is unknown.

Whoever does not know the beginning of all things, cannot make for himself a true picture of the meaning and purpose of human existence, and will always be pointed towards hypotheses and, therefore, never clearly recognize the final aim. Even if the most ingenious researchers, scientists and theologians make efforts, they will always only come to subjective, illusory conclusions, because the intellect alone is always only capable of mastering the physical and worldly problems and never - out of itself - can take in and grasp something purely spiritual.

Therefore, humanity is always pointed to divine teachings and revelations, especially when it concerns pre-human times and purely spiritual and heavenly things. Without the Word of God, the “bread of eternal life”, all human efforts to clarify these questions of life are only fragmentary.

Our humanity finds itself, therefore, in the same spiritual situation as the cinema-goer who gets to see a short preview of the coming movie, but cannot rightly imagine the actions and connections because the beginning of the event has remained unknown to him.

Here, the saying of the enlightened Goethe confirms itself:

“For an insight into the smallest part,
an overview of the whole is essential”.

Endless times before the material creation, first there arose - the spiritual world! For God is Spirit - and His creations are spiritual worlds!

At the beginning of all existence, GOD alone existed - HE is a Spirit which fills all infinity. HE is, in HIMSELF, pure love - and love always strives to give itself away, to love - but also has the desire to be loved.

Since God stood completely alone with His love, but He also possessed the Wisdom and Power, in order to fulfill His desire for love, He thus created for Himself a first spirit-being who, in miniature, corresponded completely to His Being. HE, until then, the only Being in infinity, thus placed a small part out of Himself into the spiritual space. Therewith existed now a second being - the first created spiritual being - for God Himself is an un-created spiritual being, who is without beginning and end.

Thus God created a being for Himself to whom He could give His love, but who could also return his love to God, which led to mutual bliss. The relationship between God and His, by Him created, spiritual being had, certainly, through the difference between both - an existing disadvantage which lay therein, that God could see His created being, but it could not see God. This, however, is unalterable, for God fills the whole of infinity with His Being, thus He is infinite - but a created spiritual being is not infinite, since it is only a part out of God. However, the infinite could, and can, see the finite, the finite or created (being) could not and cannot see the Infinite.

Notwithstanding this, God, as well as the first spiritual being, were filled with, for us unimaginable, bliss - since God loaned to this being the ability to create countless, similar to himself, spiritual beings. This first spirit or, as we could say - angel, received from God the name Lucifer, which means - the light-bearer. He should have, or better said, was allowed to carry the light of love into the infinite spaces of the Godhead.

Thus Lucifer was something like a woman to a man, He was the positive counter-pole to God - the emphasis lies upon positive and counter-pole. Thus both were positive - the difference existed only in that God was un-created, but Lucifer was created by God - and nothing negative could come out of God - thus also Lucifer was positive from the beginning.

However, God did not create Lucifer like a puppet which had to act as God willed, but He gave Lucifer complete freedom of will, so that this one could, certainly, remain positive but also - out of his free will - act against God’s will, but then also become negative thereby.

Originally, Lucifer remained positive for a long time - eternities for us - that is, he acted according to the will of God, and created, with his will - under the assistance of the power of God - an infinite host of spirits completely similar to himself. This free creating prepared a continually increasing bliss to Lucifer and also to God.

Yet, just as is still today, that each gladly wants to be the first, thus was also already in the spirit world. Lucifer, who was certainly the first spiritual being, was not content with it - he himself wanted to be like God - he wanted to claim, for himself alone, the veneration, the love, the adoration which belonged to God. He did not remain humble, but became proud.

And since the, out of Lucifer’s will stemming, countless spirit legions could see God just as little as Lucifer, but Lucifer was visible to the rest of the legions of spirits, so it was possible for Lucifer to make many of the spirit-beings believe that he was the true God.

This was a lie - and it was born out of the will of Lucifer and thereby he became the father of lies - out of Lucifer became Satan; out of the carrier of light became the disseminator or darkness.

Thus now arose out of the positive contrary pole the negative contrary pole of God.

This development to a negative counter-pole of God did not occur in a moment - it happened within endlessly-long time periods. - Lucifer, together with those who followed him, distanced himself continually farther away from Truth and, thereby, from God. But to distance oneself from God means to also distance oneself from Love, as well as from Wisdom. For God is not only the highest Love, but also the fullest-of-light Wisdom.

Whoever distances himself from love grows cold - for Love is equal to warmth, but lovelessness is equal to cold. And whoever distances himself from divine Wisdom, automatically goes into darkness, since Wisdom equals light - and falsehood and untruth is equal to darkness.

The spirit beings that did not believe the lie of Satan remained in the light, and those who followed Lucifer went over with him, more and more, into darkness. The spirit beings, or angels, who continued to give their love to God, remained in the love-warmth of God and, thereby, in Life.

Those angels, however, who gave their love to Lucifer could no longer be reached by the love-warmth of God, and so they became more and more rigid, thus they went over from Life into Death.

The followers of Lucifer, or now rather - Satan, went thus, out of free will, away from Life and entered with it into the condition of death. But God’s love had compassion on His erring creatures and His Wisdom saw a way upon which the from-Him-fallen-away could return to Him, even if this should require eternities.

God’s Love and Wisdom grasped the erring, once-had-been beings of light, divided them into soul sparks (particles) - into the original building blocks and created therefrom the material creation.

In Moses this intervention of God is described with these words: “And God divided the light from the darkness.”

Jesus adds: “That was even for Me, the Almighty and the Most High, infinitely wise Creator, no easy problem, not a trivial thing some philosophical fools dream of. For if I let them be destroyed, then also for Me it means death. If I lead them back, then the untouchable holiness of My original eternal order is endangered. What was and is to be done here? See, the solution of this great problem lies even now before your eyes and many eternities will not be done with it.” (Heavenly Gifts, Ch. II, p.135)

The material creation is thus not a favorite formation of God, but a very painful solution of necessity, since it had to be the imprisonment of His evilly-minded creatures. And what father would have joy in placing a part of his children into strait-jackets and building for them a so-called “lunatic asylum” as a reformatory. But that this “house of correction” is so full of wonders and even outwardly so glorious and full of wisdom, it lets us surmise how unendingly greater and more glorious will be the spiritual creations of God which we later, as purified children of God, will inherit and even co-create.

And it is precisely upon our earth that the great, evil spirit of Satan is imprisoned. And a great number of his assistants came up to humanity for the task assigned for them by Satan, but only under the permission of God, in order to test us - to see upon which side we, with our free will as humans, will place ourselves. Therefore, they do not leave any means untried through which some soul could be trapped for the court of the prince of all iniquity. They confused and misled the people with false teachings and orders, and created sickness, possession and misery.

After this instruction, it should dawn on every clear-seeing person that this great spirit-fall from heaven is so extremely meaningful and decisive for us, that every person should have knowledge of it and not only those who occupy themselves earnestly with the problems of earthly life. For this fall of the spirits is so generally applicable because it works out with every individual person today, precisely as in the grey times of antiquity.

But it is at this fall of the spirits that we can discover also the origin of evil which was placed into the world through the wrongly-directed freedom of will of the once-existing light-bearer.

Each person can convince himself of it during daily management of his affairs as to how often he is pointed to the good, positive counter-force and feels it to be desirable and pleasant, whereas the evil, negative counter-forces always work out only maliciously, harmfully and destructively.

It is not only our earth that is a part of the chained souls of the camp-followers and successors of Satan, but also all other countless world-bodies are formed out of this great host of the divided fallen souls. All other world bodies, however do not stand so much under the direct influence of Satan and his helpers as our earth, since they also were rather camp-followers than adherents of Satan and, therefore, also did not burden themselves with so much guilt.

For this reason, the salvation of all souls out of the dominion of Satan could and had to be fought out precisely only here, upon our earth. Since the attempt for it with Adam failed, the Godhead in Jesus had to struggle upon the cross for the release and return of the souls of good will.

Because spirit and matter are the greatest imaginable contrarieties, the spirit could only gain victory if the flesh (matter) were to be crucified. A material victory would have been, consequently, a spiritual defeat. This great spiritual victory is only now, through the knowledge of the great fall of the spirits, rightly understood.

But since our religious knowledge begins only with Adam, 6000 years ago, the knowledge about the fall of the spirits occurring in the grey antiquity is not available.

For this deficiency we can thank the Jewish priest-caste who have withheld from the people, out of ambitious and gain-seeking grounds, the two most important books of Moses, the 6th and 7th books, with a large prophetic supplement, where all these ancient creation-events and conditions - from their beginning until their complete consummation - were made known. These so-important writings have presumably been lost at the destruction of Jerusalem and the temple of Salomon.

Here it must be exposed that the, nowadays offered in the trade, supposedly 6th and 7th books of Moses are only spirit productions of little worth which do not have the least connection with the missing writings of the same name.

We have a reference of Jesus about it only in the “parable of the Prodigal son” in our New Testament, but without being able to understand it in its full extent and depth.

The knowledge of the great fall of the spirits from heaven is so important, because each and every human soul has the task, as a “prodigal son”, to return to the eternal father-house. And, therefore, every soul must undergo, anew, the test of faith which it failed to pass at that time, and thus fell into temporal matter.

After the long journey of our soul particles, rising through all the nature realms, in the law of ‘must’, we have now been given, anew, as man, the end product and “crown of creation” since Adam, through the breath of God, the complete freedom of will, and have the great task to decide - and this time better than then - for the invisible, the good, the true and eternal, in order to be able to return to the eternal heavenly regions where there is no more misery and no death.

This decision is more difficult for us today than at the time when we were still pure and blameless spirits, while we now, as sinful and mortal beings, are burdened with a false inherited education and have to repeat this decision. All our schooling and development methods are only directed towards the temporary life or the body, its gain and preservation.

Because of the fact that our earth is the realm of all kinds of evil spirits, the seat of the prince of hell, Satan, it is only here that the highest education and preservation of all souls for the childhood of God of the new heavens is possible, which can be recognized in the special placing of our planet in the whole of creation space.

The more evil and rebellious the spirits of hell were, the more firmly they had to be imprisoned in the hardest matter, just as we also have to do with our criminals.

In the unknowing about the spiritual connections, the essence of matter, its arising, and what it contains, our scientists are now hoping to create for us energy which we supposedly badly need, precisely out of the hardest matter, such as is uranium, where the most terrible, the most furious and destructive spirits are to be captured through the premature release of them.

But, regrettably, to all of them is lacking the so urgently necessary knowledge about the great fall of the spirits into matter. None of them ask whether what they are releasing is according to the intention of God, and thus the disaster takes its unstoppable course.

One is reminded here about the “sorcerer’s apprentice” of Goethe: “Woe, woe - I cannot get rid of the spirits which I called!”

Namely, they still do not know that they, with their atomic science have penetrated into the spiritual world, but not into the heavenly, but into the hellish one, where there is only immeasurable disorder!

For this discovery of the uncertainty factors of the electrons, the physicist Werner Heisenberg, has already received the Nobel prize.

At the beginning of our century (20th), three elementary parts of the atom were known; today there are over one hundred of them. How many will there still be discovered?!

With the splitting of the atom, hellish spirit-forces become free which cannot be captured and held in check, as are the atomic particles of the neutrons that can go unhindered wherever they want to. And how many of such similar spirit-particles will there be still which are not known up until now?!

One should consider that here it is a matter of powerful and evil spiritual forces that are released which, according to spiritual law of “like attracts like”, connect with similar evil-minded human souls and make them still more evil than they were already.

One can here speak of regular possession!

Even with the most peaceful use of the atomic energy there is no stopping of these released hellish forces, and thereby the continually growing radicalization of the order of our society cannot be arrested. The rioting people are strengthened in their devilish intentions in such a way that the world becomes continually more criminal and, in the end, completely ungovernable.

Regrettably, this will only be seen and recognized when it is too late. Then one can only pray: “Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they do.”

For the activation of the available harmless biological energy sources, the necessary knowledge is, again, lacking, but also the intention to want to consider the wrong investments of industry. And thus everything rushes towards the unavoidable end with the maxim: “After us - the Flood!”

From all that which has been presented, it should be evident of what enormous importance the great spirit-fall from heaven is for us all. For the collective problems of life - worries, distresses and terrors are all released solely by this, and have their evil source therein.

Therefore, everyone should feel responsible to disseminate this truth as quickly as possible, because this knowledge reaches into the most personal concerns of each and everyone.

All of our world and life’s comprehension is turned upside down by it, yes - all our imaginations about existence must, in this light,
be recognized as completely false! Namely, everything is completely different! Only the complete reversal of all temporary things and discoveries is right! For through the fact of this great fall of the spirits, all things are completely turned upside down!

For what we here, on earth, call “Life” is, in truth, to be “in death”, and eternal life is to be found precisely there where we perceive death.

For we live here in the realm of the rule of Satan, in the hell of temporality, of instability, in all kinds of misery - and of having to die. The temporary life is only the inferior, judged ‘life of incarceration’ in matter - in the flesh, in which we are imprisoned.

Only now does it begin to dawn on us what it means: ‘only the Truth shall make you free!’

But only the eternal Truth is valid, has stability, and is worth striving for!

Every child already knows that we, here upon earth, do not live in eternal life, and also every news-organ and every world-chronicle allow us to recognize it only too easily.

Our journey through life is only a school, in order to again recognize eternal life, to allow it to grow great within us and, as far as possible, to live it already here!

Then it becomes clear: Every self-love and self-seeking is temporary and hellish, and only the unselfish and giving spiritual love is heavenly and eternal. We are not here in order to enjoy the world, but to renounce it!

Therefore, for the knowing, it is incomprehensible that so many people, with all their desires and strength, cling to this hellish life, do not wish to give it up, and still hope for much ‘good’ from Satan, so that they can enjoy hell for a long time, and enjoy it to the full.

This ignorance about the true facts, however, means the greatest danger for the life in the beyond, for they have thereby already here decided for Satan and his temporary kingdom. They again come into complete darkness and lose their bliss which was within their grasp. Yet, we live here precisely for the free decision - for light or darkness, for good or evil, for God or Satan, for we should again prepare and decide for God and His eternal Kingdom.

Out of the spiritual ignorance and darkness, we should enter the light of eternal life, to Him who says:

‘I am the Light of the world,
whoever follows me,
he will not wander in darkness,
but will have the light of eternal life!’
Considered in this light, there shines the word of
James 4,4:
‘whoever is the friend of the world,
is an enemy of God!’
in the brightest truth, for God and the world
are the greatest contradictions -
which should never be forgotten.

A general fall of the spirits takes place even today with each and every human soul which, in spite of the best instruction, does not want to know anything about God and does not make any effort to guide their life according to the divine love-order.

Herewith may, certainly, be sufficiently clarified the

o r i g i n a l s i n

let loose through Satan who caused the great fall of the spirits from heaven and who later, as Sadhana, in the ‘serpent’, upon a human foundation, over Eve, caused -

I n h e r i t e d S i n

which then occasioned also the fall from paradise! Without the original sin, there would have been no inherited sin, which is only comprehensible as a further consequence of this original sin.

Finally, we would like to remember, with deep gratitude The New Word of God which has given us all the insight to unveil the mystery of matter and its dangers and to clear the right way for returning to the eternal Father-house. May this message go out with the blessing of our heavenly Father and to contribute its part, so that the ignorance is removed and the Light of Eternal Truth can shine brightly into all hearts, so that very many souls are kept from harm and can be saved! May God reign in this!

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